What I Eat In A Day | Quick Healthy Meal Options (Low Carb)

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♡ Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my go to meals. I’m not a fitness expert but have completely changed my diet the last few months. I’ve seen major results in my body. Leave your favorite go-to meal in the comments! ily

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20 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day | Quick Healthy Meal Options (Low Carb)

  1. Low carb! But you show fried chicken and pasta, JIF peanut butter with sugar in it, and fried carbs with a soda full of sugar. SIGH! Then beans and potatoes. Why lie in the title of the video?

  2. Girl, a bunch of veggies (yes, these contain carbs), a huge amount of pasta, FRIED chicken, fried everything else… I don't think you know what low carb or healthy means lol

  3. That brand of aminos is so so so so so so bad for you Amanda!! I hope you see this, it has an incredibly huge amount of sugar in it, so much so that it doesn't even have the option for it on the label. Just letting you know! I hope you see this! xx

  4. everything was fried n nothin was low carb besides the omelette n i guess the smoothie shoulda jus been called what i ate this day becz that wasn't the healthiest or low carb foods the fried chicken the pasta the cereal the fried brazilian food the beans the potatoes all packed full of carbs

  5. I loved seeing what you eat in a day! the comments are so judgy.. hope that doesnt stray you away from doing more of these!! xo

  6. sweetie Im sorry but you need to take low crab out of your title. love guarana but try the diet because its pretty much an energy drink lots of sugar and 36g of carbs

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