What Should You Eat After Working Out? (2017)

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One of the first pieces of bodybuilding advice I was given was on post-workout nutrition.

If I didn’t eat protein and carbs immediately after training, I was told, I’d miss an opportunity to accelerate muscle growth, if not directly hinder it.

And so I did, after every workout, without fail.

Chances are you’ve heard the same things. Bodybuilders and gymbros alike have been singing post-workout nutrition’s praises for decades.

How important is it really, though? Does eating after workouts actually help us build muscle faster?

Well, the long story short is this:

Post-workout nutrition isn’t as crucial as many would have us believe, but it’s not entirely without merit, either.

And in this episode, you’re going to find out why.

By the end, you’re going to know why post-workout nutrition is even a “thing,” the ideal type of post-workout meal, the truth about the “anabolic window,” and more.

Let’s get started.

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20 thoughts on “What Should You Eat After Working Out? (2017)

  1. I thought you are better off avoiding food for about an hour or two after you workout because your HGH goes up really high but high insulin will kill that free spike in HGH

  2. Thank you!! Can you please talk about how important is eat before workout? I'm planning to workout at 5:30 am I'm thinking wake up and go to gym…. Will be ok? Also I'm thinking drink Pulse and go to gym ?

  3. I absolutely love your channel, your information and advice is really valuable and you have wonderful knowledge, thank you very much. How much fish oil is required post workout please?

  4. Great vid and content as always. You mentioned carbs are not as important as protein post workout, but wouldn't carb be useful to provide the extra energy to support muscle growth?

  5. Great context Mike..anyone can take a shaker bottle with them if its hard to get food..easier than ever these days to execute..most importantly, no stress over it..that trumps it all for me..I just hit my numbers for the day

  6. Since 99.9% of us have professional and family responsibilities, I try to do as many "little things" to maximize my gains as they fit into my busy lifestyle. I doing the Intermittent Fasting (Mon-Fri) and only consume a handful of nuts and small amount of carbs about an hour prior to my Noon'ish workout. I find that taking a pre-workout, along with workout-out hungry, to give me the best high-intensity/focused workouts. Consuming a protein shakes along with a post-workout meal is crucial since my body is screaming for nourishment. Regardless, the feeding window is over-hyped in most casts..and only makes a very slight difference.

  7. Hey Mike. This is not of course some kind of "Golden rule" in topic of diets, but do you have any experience with Carb backloading? Personally I'm on this type of eating for about 1 year and it works for me very well. I'm not bloated before and on my workouts, which I have after 3 p.m. but still have energy from two meals with protein and fats. After workout I have another two big meals with all my carbs; some simple sugar from fruits in first meal and with some protein. I have good regeneration, deep sleep, and also feel good in the morning. Have a lot of carbs, and proper number of protein, and medium/low number of fat (around 0,3g x 1 pound of body weigh). What do you think about this type of diet?

  8. Great info Mike thanks again! I just received 5 more containers of your whey protein – love the dutch chocolate. Problem is I wake up at 3AM and eat about 3-5 tablespoons of it with ice cold milk. Then I hate myself in the morning cause I'm trying 2 restrict my calories. Other than installing locks on my kitchen cabinets, might you have any suggestions? LOL

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