What To Eat BEFORE, DURING And AFTER A Workout To Build Muscle & Lose Fat

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20 thoughts on “What To Eat BEFORE, DURING And AFTER A Workout To Build Muscle & Lose Fat

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  2. About how many bananas should we take before a workout Mr Ram? Would 3-4 peelings of bananas be more than enough alone? Or can 1-2 bananas with 1 serving oatmeal (35grams) in whole milk be just fine compared to my first suggestion? If yes is the answer for the second one, is it still 30-45mins before your workout?

  3. I am in love ? thank you I have 21 years old and I just start working out I really don't know anything about muscle but I am really trying thank you for this video muuuah

  4. hey ram I'm a huge guy , can you make your video on whole day of eating getting at least 350 gram of carbs ….

    also ram your doing a great job ?

  5. bro , yesterday i trained legs , i could not train more than 1/2 hour . i felt extremely out of breath , had a burning sensation in my stomach . so i started doing triceps and forearms , by that time i was feeling normal . plzz reply ..

  6. Ram, how do I calculate how many calories, fats and carbs I need to lose some bodyfat? And by how much do I decrease the calorie intake?


  7. is there a significant gym performance difference between having a meal before workout or having fruit? what if you did both

  8. Can u do a real life vlog on this? Sometimes talking about it isn't the same as really seeing the actual food stuffs n meals that u consume. It would truly help.

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