What to Eat Pre-Workout for Muscle Gain (Best Pre Workout Meal)

What to Eat Pre-Workout for Muscle Gain (Best Pre Workout Meal)

If you’re looking to maximize protein synthesis and enhance muscle recovery, then you need to be considering what you eat before the gym (pre workout meal). Recent research showing that a pre workout meal consisting of adequate protein and carbs leads to better muscle protein synthesis and strength gains, and researchers are starting to consider pre workout nutrition as being even more important than post workout nutrition when it comes to building muscle. Now keep in mind that the pre workout meal for “bodybuilders” or those lifting weights will differ dramatically from endurance exercise athletes. In our case, we are mostly concerned with getting in high quality fast digesting leucine-containing pre workout protein, as well as moderate-high glycemic index pre workout carbs with minimal fibre in order to boost performance and create an anabolic environment to further boost muscle gains.

In this video I’ll go through the best pre workout meal based on several studies, and provide you guys with some other options for pre workout meals that you can use to help get more bang for your buck in every workout.

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  1. I’m not one to comment on these videos but I just stumbled upon your channel via reddit and I had to subscribe. I have never identified with or respected a YouTube fitness / weight training channel before. It is so refreshing to see someone dedicated to providing factual and academic content without any shred of narcissism or clickbait. I am motivated now to start lifting using your videos.

    Thank you for producing such excellent no-bs content that is welcoming to beginners! I hope you stay true to your roots as I think there is a real gap in the market for your approach. Big future ahead of you!

  2. Another great vid, I love how you support your claims with referencing research… funny story my lady just finished up a Eng 1a where she had to do a literature review on Zumba and she didn’t understand the references… I showed her ur vid… I said et all honey lol ? all jokes aside I love the research bro keep up the good work man

  3. You know how you stated "Workout within 2 hours of this meal", what would you say is general guide lines for too soon or too quick? Would 1 hour or even 45 mins be too soon?

  4. I don't know about this research, but for me the best combination seems to be an omelet with vegetables, garlic, and avacado (no cheese); side of arugula, and oatmeal straight about 2 hours before my work out.

  5. Hi! What’s your take on cheat meals and cheat days ? Should they be allowed in your workout routine and on what frequency? Thanks for your videos !

  6. What are you planning on doing with your Kinesiology degree if you don't mind me asking? Love your videos by the way, the information you give really puts everything in perspective and the reasoning behind everything helps with my workouts or eating plans. 😀

  7. You really don't have to go through the trouble of editing in the fake writing sharpie thing. We can all just read and hear you. I feel bad that you're wasting time animating a hand and shit when you could be making GAINS!

  8. Hi jeremy thanks for the useful video , i have question : i will be glad if u have a mintue to respond me. as u mention for protein prework eggs ! i was wondering complete egg or just the white part of the egg!? because i have heard that yellow part of eggs could make problem on our liver , plz make it clear , thanks again and i just want to say one thing: there are many chanels on youtube to speak and publish videos about this sport , but your chanel is one of my favorite , (( sorry if my english is not good enough))

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