Why are so many nurses quitting the NHS in England? – BBC News

Mary quit as a nurse after two years after experiencing stress and depression.
She says she’s sad she can’t be a nurse in The National Health Service “without sacrificing my mental health”.
Last year, 33,000 nurses in England left the NHS – more than 10% of the workforce.
NHS bosses say they are working to improve staff retention.

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20 Responses to Why are so many nurses quitting the NHS in England? – BBC News

  1. TheMixEmperor says:

    Doctors and Nurses are understaffed and poorly paid, the entire pathology subsection of almost every hospital in the country is understaffed, poorly paid, gets zero media attention and gets treated like an expendable resource by doctors and nurses

  2. Gulf Lander says:

    Filipino nurses will take over. hehe jk.

  3. Joe Bloger says:

    as an oap i would seek euthanasia before than pay these basterds

  4. Joe Bloger says:

    who gives a shit they are only in it for the money

  5. Delboy Silva says:

    there is stress in all jobs its just nurses spend half the time smoking and drink excessively which adds to their stress…

  6. cujoe Mblakka says:

    Those work are so stressful, the aim is to destroy you, get the most work out of you, and more insurance and corporate profits, when that is exhausted, send to the plantations in the carribean / Commonwealth and in Africa for disposible slaves. Human beings get more sick with greed every day. Crazy. Every day the bucket goes to the well, one day the bottom will drop out.

  7. No One says:

    In the USA as well . After 20 years my back is broken , I have anxiety and depression . I can only work part time now and soon will be on disability in my 40s! No one will hire me with a BSN outside of nursing . Going back to school will kill me financially. Health care is all about making money . It’s not about the patients or the health care workers . Patients get used for their insurance and I’ve seen unnecessary surgeries, medications and even misdiagnosis for profit . I worked with a surgeon giving unnecessary colostomies to pay for his daughters college . Medications prescribed for pharmaceutical company kick backs . Cancer diagnosis with no cancer . Giving patients pain medications for a life long addiction. Health care is a scam .

  8. xrx0R 9 says:

    It's going to be even worse after brexit.

  9. Anna Martynova says:

    Sorry, but she is a typical melancholic prone to depression. Such type of people could get a depression from anywhere

  10. Monica Merino says:

    That is so sad that a profession that SHOULD always be vocational isn´t valued enough by the system

  11. Carlos Conceição says:

    I can see several issues here:
    – NHS is being underfunded while the demographics are changing to an higher average age in the population.
    – People are growing up in less stressful environments and transitioning to an high stress job without coping skills and lower expectations is a recipe for burnout.
    – If nurses are carrying student debt plus have to meet increasing cost of living while being on an ever present time crunch, don't expect many to stay in the job for long.
    – Also, it will get worse due to the aging population. And we might see a lot of poorer baby boomers to have their last days in absolutely wretched conditions if current trends are kept.

  12. Katie Bee says:

    They have to do thousands of hours ‘training’ for free. Slave labour basically. Would Therasa may clean up shit for fuck all I doubt it!!

  13. cko Cko says:

    I left my training as a final year. The means tested bursary didn’t even cover my rent

  14. Limitless 1 says:

    That is just lazy
    If you don't want to work , is your choice
    She just wants a easy life, is her choice but you can't blame a whole system for that …

  15. Mr Big says:

    Yeah. Lets not mention the bullying epidemic. The NHS is cancerous with bullying. Jimmy Savile and Harold Shipman were huge red flags of a systemic problem that everyone's chosen to ignore.

  16. H Garcia says:

    thats why you recruit spanish italian portuguese indian and phillipines to bully them over and crack on

  17. H Garcia says:

    Can not wait for the notice to leave this place. Its awful

  18. Priyo Yoyo says:

    Nurses all over world struggle why ? It’s bcos of management

  19. ianne garcia says:

    Hello. The petition I’ve created has now been published. Please sign and share with your family, friends and colleagues so they can sign too.


    At the mo, non EU nurses and doctors are issued a UK General Work Visa Tier 2 which is valid only for three years. This means they have to re-apply and pay fees if they intend to stay at their current workplace. This makes staff retention even more challenging. Instead of staying in the same workplace, staff would rather move to another hospital that would be willing to pay the fees, or leave the UK and move to different country where the fees and the cost of living is cheaper.

    Please sign and help our future NHS nurses and doctors.

    With and by the end of a 5-year work visa, they will be able to apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain/residence permit.

    Thank you. 😊

  20. Dr Umiefan says:

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