Why I Said Long Reverse Diets Are A Hustle & Not In Your Best Interest

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20 thoughts on “Why I Said Long Reverse Diets Are A Hustle & Not In Your Best Interest

  1. If the coaches are doing this for money, it'll eventually catch up to them because people will start seeing their clients making no gains over time. If I see nothing but fat to shredded transformations from a coach I become wary. Anybody can help someone lose fat but the hard part is building muscle and strength, especially drug-free.

  2. Anyone know what is Fenoboci Diet Plan about? I hear many individuals lost lots of weight with Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine).

  3. Guys usually don't suffer from this much.  Can we talk about females?  I think it effects them much more, besides the mental part of it.

  4. I have a question Jason I did a 8 month diet I started my diet on 4500 cals. 176 pounds around 16% body fat I'm 17 years old. I dieted down to 1500 cals per day and I'm 8-9% body fat. I need help how many cals can I add in a day? 

  5. Just to confirm. Are you saying that Reverse diets are good but very long revers diets are bad? It sounds like you believe a relatively quick 4-6 week reverse diet is very important. Is this what you are saying? It is important to clarify this for your viewers because the main problem is after a long cut people tend to binge for weeks after and gain over 20 lbs of body fat by eating at a huge caloric surplus for weeks after their contest compared to slowly getting back to maintenance for a month or so. 

  6. i cut to clean up my body fat, lost 30 lbs and went from 18% to about 10% body fat. I plan to do a 6 week reverse diet, before i start my lean bulk.. should i cut this down to about 3-4 weeks? 

  7. Hey, I just got off a physique contest. I was put on a keto diet (I know you don't recommend this) how would you recommend me doing a reverse dirty out of this since my body will most likely react to the carbs if I put too much in. Hope you can help and great videos Jason!!

  8. Could you make your body adapt to not feeling tired/weak/hungry at sub 8% bodyfat by staying at that level for prolonged periods of time or will natural instinct to store eat more when you're so lean win?  

  9. fuck reverse diets lol i just did 10 week cut lost 6kg. 15% bf. my lifts are stalling so I am upping calories over 1 week till str starts increasing again.

  10. If Chris jones likes this then it must be good haha but seriously is is a good video! They only do those reverse diets to still see their abs which for some reason makes you a bodybuilder having abs all year round. Reverse diets are bullshit

  11. umm theres a study recently on the biggest loser contestants … 18 percent metabolic loss NOT due to the new body weight, and a year later of maintaining it never recovered, they maintained at 18 percent less then there body composition counter parts. how do you explain this

  12. Layne has said you get away with it the first time… hes clearly stated that the metabolic adaptations happen from yoyo dieting, not saying your wrong and hes right or vise verssa but, the study you mentioned is not a comparison to what hes claiming or other coaches are claiming

  13. Just when I thought I got it figured out, this comes out. So what's the best way to transition back after a extended cut? Does he have a webpage with cutting/bulking instructions?

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