Workout Plan for Skinny Guys / Hardgainers (THIS BUILDS MUSCLE!)

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Skinny guys and hardgainers have a very difficult time building muscle. Usually the issue is two pronged with both their workouts and nutrition plan to blame for their lack of muscle size. In this video, I’m covering the mistakes made in the workouts and giving you a workout plan for skinny guys that will help you to start adding muscle to your frame without having to sacrifice your low body fat level you likely are starting with.

In order to build muscle as a skinny guy you have to look yourself in the mirror and confront your fears first. I know it sounds odd but it is a common problem that sets the roadblock up, preventing you from making any progress. Many hardgainers will fear going to the gym because they don’t want to face the ridicule of the bigger guys around them. That has to stop today. In fact, you’d likely find that if you talked to the majority of these big muscle guys that they would admire your pursuit of change and might even sympathize with you having taken that journey themselves already.

Once you get to the gym it’s time to start simplifying your workout plan. The biggest problem with skinny guys is that they try and to more rather than less. It’s an obvious mistake and one that I can see why people make so often. That said, if you are not enhanced and are a natural lifter, doing less is almost always the first step to take rather than trying more.

That said, you want to pick just one exercise for each of the six major muscle groups in your body. These are your chest, back, shoulders, legs, and arms. The exercises you choose should be compound in nature and hit multiple muscles at one time. Not just that but these exercises allow you to gradually load up the weight over time as you get stronger. This is why you would pick a barbell curl instead of a concentration curl.

Once you identify the exercises you are going to use (my suggestions are provided in the video) then you want to actually lower the weight you might be inclined to try and use. Remember, your discomfort in the gym might make you try and compensate by swinging around weights that you simply cannot command. Don’t do this. Instead, back down on the weight and make sure you can actually lift it with good form and own it.

From here, the fun begins. Add weight to the bar on every exercise at every opportunity. Soon you will see that your muscles will grow almost before your eyes. You will gain confidence and you will see muscle growth that will inspire you to keep going. Your only goal at this point should be to be sure you are pushing yourself as hard as you can. Only when you get comfortable being uncomfortable will you see the gains continue to come at a rapid pace.

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20 thoughts on “Workout Plan for Skinny Guys / Hardgainers (THIS BUILDS MUSCLE!)

  1. I respect guys or gals that do is consistently, with dedication and hard work and quality not quantity. With that being said I’ll scoff at the clod that loads up and has shit form, and is out in twenty five minutes.

  2. I'm not scared of other guys, I'm scared of girls that are stronger than me lol. No but seriously I just went to the gym for the first time today and there's was some huge guy looking at me. I thought he was gonna laugh at me but he walked by and said "Is this your first time?" And I said yes and then he said "I wish I started as young as you, good for you."
    I'm no longer afraid of the gym

  3. Jeff's in great shape for a 42 year old. I'm 41 and about 5 pounds of muscle away from getting his physique but I've been on a plateau for a couple of years. This might help me get to the next level.

  4. I am very depressed. Me 20 years old and my weight is just 48kg. I used to masturbate a lot in past year. But now I quitted this thing for 1 and half months, nocturnal emission do occur sometimes, 4 in a month. But now I am finding me very hard to recover, I did join gym 3 months ago, nothing happened just in increased 2 kg. I look skinny but I have lot of strength in me. I use dumbbells of 12.5 kg both side. And bench press of 30 kg. 15 kg on both side. I got a nice curvature on my chest. But my cheeks muscle are digging down in my face, due to which I am also getting more ugly than you can imagine. God bless me. Sorry for poor english . Update i again masturbated yesterday. Planning to do today also. Last time. But hey don't think masturbation addict, I am kinda but not that bad, seriously my high score eight ejaculations in a day. Now I don't get any pleasure from ejaculation may be due to lower level of dopamine .

  5. I'm skinney and I'm 13 and i have my own workout stuff but anyways I'm just starting to workout and it's going well for me I have been working out for a week and doing the same pattern every single day for about a month I will be good but thank you for helping me

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