World Gym Tour

World Gym Tour

Check out the look, feel, and attitude of World Gym’s newest gyms around the world.

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8 Responses to World Gym Tour

  1. Hispanic Anubis says:

    Is it me or it didn't feel like a tour lol

  2. MrAkaalis says:

    The one in Scarborough suks ass.

  3. Overhand Right says:

    My gym is in ridgewood ny

  4. TKI Taiwan says:


  5. No More says:

    Damn Jason Genova finally has a place to grow

  6. Bunny Cheeks says:

    Hi World Gym Global. Do you have an idea of when your World Gym Brampton, Ontario, Canada will open up? They said in Spring 2016, which it's Spring now, but it's still under construction. Please if you have an estimate bc "summer" is just around the corner in June. Please let me know, because I want to sign up for a nearby gym ASAP due to my job lifting people in out of bed/restroom/chair at the hospital, and I will like to build my body stronger to prevent injury. I'm a 5'2" woman and want to build muscle strength ASAP for my job. People have leg injury, back injury, and depend on me to hold them standing up, so their safety and my safety depends on my body strength.

    There's a Fit 4 Less gym Brampton, just 15 mins more walk from where i live, which is already open, very good gym for same price $8.99 basic or Black VIP card $18.99 option, but the World Gym Brampton is only a 15 mins walk from me. More convenient walk to the gym and back. I NEED to sign up ASAP at a gym for my job, so please let me know an estimate of when Brampton World Gym will open this "spring 2016"? Thanks 🙂

  7. Steven Leblanc says:

    looks good when are you opening

  8. 20th Century Man says:

    My gym in Victorville!

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