Yoga for Weight Loss ♥ Cardio-BURN Workout for Mind & Body, Fat-Burning Exercises, Metabolism Boost!

Yoga for Weight Loss ♥ Cardio-BURN Workout for Mind & Body, Fat-Burning Exercises, Metabolism Boost!

Burn fat & build strength with Julia Marie– get your daily yoga practice & cardio workout in just 20 minutes! Check out the 1-Hour Version of this class on YogaPlus:
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20 Responses to Yoga for Weight Loss ♥ Cardio-BURN Workout for Mind & Body, Fat-Burning Exercises, Metabolism Boost!

  1. SparkleWolf 113 says:

    this was great! thank you.

  2. Kimmy Grant says:

    I’ve already been well known in the diet and fitness profession for well over a decade and in this period I’ve developed a stellar repute of which I’m considerably proud of. Exactly what I’m making an attempt to articulate is that, they spent the better part of a year revising and checking the 3 week weight loss plan before they at long last made it open to the public. in this process, they made certain that everything was covered and that certainly nothing was ignored.

  3. Isaac says:

    This was my first experience with yoga, quick and mixed as it was, and I really quite enjoyed it. I would love to fit this into my morning routine.

  4. Khor Han Cen says:

    This is a great yoga + cardio workout combination! It could be greater if it is slightly longer say 30 mins!

  5. KxNPL says:

    Great video!

  6. Behind The Athlete says:

    Just watched your video 👌 Please check us out. We feature athletes from around the world! Cheers

  7. BlackAce Tube says:

    Cool Video try these too

  8. Isa Bella says:

    I love this one, i think i litlle more chalenging will not heart❤️

  9. Katelyn Sinkovec says:

    "hear all the little sounds in the room you're in" feels dog staring intensify

  10. Isabella Joseph says:

    that’s awesome. She said some things that rang true for me. years ago, I was exercising plenty, but I love to eat! I was not good at portion control. personally, I had to start intermittent fasting. I’ve lost ten lbs in the first few weeks, but have hit a plateau. What I am doing now is going more paleo, modified paleo. I also need to have more discipline in staying the course on exercising, which I love to do, but work often gets in the way. I came across a fitness /diet routine that is one of the most popular in the country, at the moment

    , looks pretty good. Really it’s not rocket science, although we in the west make it hard. Eat whole foods in moderation, get enough rest, reduce stress, and exercise, not insanely, but regularly. Aerobics and some form of weight-bearing exercise seem to be the best combination.

  11. NotaClassique Relaxing Music Ambiance says:


  12. albert garcia says:


  13. Elijah Murray says:

    Julia Marie looks like cheesecake yay

  14. karla T says:

    this video is one my favorites.

  15. JerryBerry VLOGs says:

    CardioBurn Yoga class is what I need,PsychTruth has always been my go-to-place whenever i want to do yoga, do stretching and just have a relaxing fun day! Make this BLUE if you think they provide quality and easy to follow routine, much love mwaa mwaa

  16. Katharina K says:

    This was great to get moving on a low energy day for me.. more challenging would be great as well 🙂 thank you

  17. حمزة حمزة says:


  18. himalaya ahuja says:

    Thanks Angel

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