You Want to Become a Personal Trainer ? Watch this First !

You want to Become a Personal trainer ? Watch this Video First !
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20 Responses to You Want to Become a Personal Trainer ? Watch this First !

  1. TN Ben says:

    Hold on bad example with wanting to be a rapper because you don’t need a certification or a record label to be a musician js 😂😂😂

  2. Steven Haston says:

    Content is on point master yourself before changing others great advice for beginners

  3. mimi You says:

    100% agreed. Nice .

  4. jeffrey hunter says:

    Great vid man. I’m working on my ACE cert right now. Like the smile tip, good advice.

  5. Alex S says:

    Get to the point brother

  6. Red Pill Man says:

    what certification schools that are credible that you suggest?

  7. Andriy Poznyakov says:

    Lol, I bet Eminem has level 3 certificate in Hip Hop, you don’t just wake up and become a rapper😂😂

  8. GravityLee says:

    Look the part and be able to sell ice to an eskimo. Yeah theres a lot more to it hence 500+ page textbooks for the certs but if you dont have a grasp on those first two concepts it wont happen.

  9. Chika Okolo says:

    Great video my dude.

  10. Michael Poison says:

    All facts

  11. Obie antonio says:

    This video deserves a billion views.

  12. Mickey G's The strong minority says:

    Good advice you look like a tank boss my nigga

  13. Travis D says:

    This business is superficial as hell. I've had interviews with gyms that owners say it goes great over phone and they have told me if I am fit and bring in the certification I can sign up. Also alot of corporate gyms won't accept certain certifications or if they do no matter your experience you start as a level 1 trainer. I got a ISSA cert and since its not "ncca accredited" no matter my 2 years experience i can't be a level 2 trainer. This business is tough guys

  14. SOLITUDE 0001 says:

    Sir which certification is best ACE or NASM or ISSA or ACSM can you please differentiate all of them for me about their study content

  15. Adam McBride says:

    I totally agree to many self proclaimed personal trainers with out the certification to back it. Like yea you might know workouts and exercises but that don’t make you a trainer

  16. Wanda says:

    Very good video.
    I have been training for two years and want to become a trainer, to work with old people. I am in my 50s. This is something I would like to do after retirement.

    So, I am not only working to get me certification in the future but also to look the part.

    I do not worry too much about the wealth because with retirement income and benefitsthis is something I want tho do just for the love of helping others get to where I got and manage illnesses with healthy habits and nutrition. And also show that it is never too late to live a healthy life

  17. daspecialist1220 says:

    Thank you

  18. Workout Dojo says:

    Love it…respect, out of shape and personal hygiene my top three. Personal trainers get it together… if this shoe fit. When you meet with a client your breath stinks, you look like you just woke up and you are trying to get your work out in while your client needs your full attention. Some are phony and are not even certified which makes for major injuries. Just some things I see with trainers.

  19. Blue Ridge Mountain Angler says:

    Appreciate the knowledge!

  20. jack vale says:

    Nice video bro!! I'm very agree, personal training is about discipline, knowledge, passion, specific training for clients not just about certification or self training experience

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